Cold Shot: A Clever Suspense by Mark Henshaw

Cold Shot: A Clever Suspense by Mark Henshaw


The number one factor that makes a thriller memorable is whether or not the story is clever. Henshaw brought it in his first novel, Red Cell, and has most definitely delivered once again by creating one of the most clever thrillers in quite a while


coldshotCIA Red Cell analysts, Kyra Stryker and Jonathan Burke, are on the case – hunting for an Iranian nuclear scientist who is bound and determined to build a bomb close enough to America to blow it to smithereens.

The American ship, USS Vicksburg, is returning to port when they spot a lifeboat in the ocean. In the boat is the body of a Somali pirate who has been tortured to death. No one is able to find out where the body came from, or who the evil torturer may have been, but the clever analysts have traced the man’s whereabouts back to an Iranian ship, the Makarid. This is some ship, considering it is currently on the high seas headed for Venezuela with radioactive cargo on board.

The plans of nuclear bomb building become crystal clear, and the team must pace themselves in order to fell the plot, while keeping in mind at all times that Venezuelans are not always ‘America lovers’. This becomes even more apparent as Jon and Kyra photograph Venezuelan soldiers murdering dock workers who have gotten sick from handling the horrific cargo that the Makarid delivered.

Cleverness runs rampant. There is quite a bit of detail in the story, yet Henshaw makes sure the pages are never dragged down. The lead characters are always interesting and on their game, and the plot is excellently mapped out, increasing the chills and thrills by taking the reader through the almost supernatural world of American intelligence that only an expert writer could create.


Hostile territory, radio-activity, the end of America, agents who will never stop until they have beaten the enemy – this one has it all. A definite keeper!!

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