NHL: Crowning the Kings Already?

NHL: Crowning the Kings Already?

 ~ Amy Lignor

Okay…this is one of those debates right up there with whether or not a moron will leave ‘town’ and an ex-hyper-CEO will purchase a basketball team. This is also one of those debates that are as loud and drawn out as Seahawks versus San Fran, and whether or not horses should not be allowed to ‘come in at the last minute’ just to spoil the American dream. However…each sport must have their cross to bear. And it seems no matter how the Stanley Cup Finals actually turn out, that the L.A. Kings will have massive haters for a long time to come.


images (3)There is one joke that reporters have spoken, calling the L.A. Kings ‘cockroaches of the NHL’ because, basically, no matter how hard you step on them these guys simply won’t die. The Kings, even when they are the unpopular brother (which they are), apparently either: 1) close their ears and just play the game when they hear yapping; or, 2) use the negative yapping as a weapon, building up their strength and pride so they can go back out and wipe the floor (ice) with their opponent.


In the East, the land of snow and polar vortexes, a team living in sunny L.A. does not seem like they should even be in the NHL. They seem more agreeable to have a volleyball team. That is the overwhelming opinion. But after winning Game 1, everyone had to sit back and watch the Kings win Game 2 in the second overtime, handing the New York Rangers a 5-4 loss yesterday.


The debate will continually go on with this particular team. After all, the New York Rangers have a history of being beloved. Their match with the Kings is like placing President Lincoln against George W. in the proverbial political ‘ring’ and having George W. do well – it’s simply not right. The New York Rangers have that significant past, as well, when it comes to famous players and taking home the Stanley Cup in  1927/28; 1932/33; 1939/40; and 1993/94 – and fans are so wanting them to FNALLY grab it again!


Unfortunately, unless the New York Rangers can pull out some superhuman powers pretty soon, they may just break the country’s hearts and allow the Los Angeles Kings to, once again, ruin what could be a historic moment. L.A. has already done that for the San Jose Sharks (losing to the Kings in four straight). The Anaheim Ducks, who were yet another beloved underdog story that would have been cool to see win this season (who actually took a Game 5 victory and a 3-2 series lead only for the Kings to beat them in seven.) And, of course, the defending Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks who…well, you get the picture here.


The New York Rangers are the epitome in many minds of ‘red, white and blue’ for this sport. They have not taken anything lightly, either. They have jumped out, what looks like easily, in the first two games heading for the big finale. The Kings apparently have a certain time on the clock when they wake up to play, and came back to take both wins.
What is the upside? Game 3 is Monday night at Madison Square Garden – the home of New York sports fans, who may just start throwing anything they can find if L.A. has the nerve to come to their ‘house’ and rally once again.


Yes, right now they are titled, “The Comeback Kings” because of those rallies. But it will be heartwarming to many in the populace if after Games 3 and 4 come to an end that they look like an overthrown king, and New York takes it to the finish line.


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