Saving the Planet by Fostering: The Entire Earth Matters

Saving the Planet by Fostering: The Entire Earth Matters

 ~ Samantha Lewis

We clean the air. We clean the oceans. People are working hard all across the globe to make sure the world we live in becomes better. There are organizations out there saving endangered species; as well as organizations protecting endangered historic locales that literally are the backbone of

our history. But there is another group that also needs saving. Although buildings, the ocean, plant life, forests – all of those areas need to be looked after – animals do too. They need love. They need a home. And although there is adoption, there is still that commitment issue with some, or other problems that do not allow them to keep pets for a drawn-out period of time. So, what to do? Foster!
its-national-foster-care-monthOne of the largest programs when it comes to fostering an animal is the ASPCA Foster Care Program. Volunteers – good people out there who know that our animals need us when they are going through some tough times – have opened up their homes to animals that are not yet ready for adoption. These homes are opened up so that those animals have a chance to live, a chance to thrive, and a chance to one day be adopted by a family who do wish to make them permanent members of their clan.


Fostering animals helps in so many ways. It reduces the amount of time an animal has to spend inside an Adoption Center; it allows the Center itself to accept more animals because of the amount of room that is opened up by the volunteers taking foster pets, and it truly increases the chance of adoption for the animal. Fostering allows the animals to be prepared for a home and family life, and becoming a pet foster parent is yet another way to do your part in saving this world.


Setting up a foster situation is not difficult, and the program you sign up with actually chooses a good match for you and your family, joining with you in making sure you receive an animal you are comfortable caring for.


These are not just National organizations and programs, by the way. Pet fostering has grown huge all over the globe, with your local animal shelter fostering-art
most likely seeking foster parents to care for dog and cats. Now…the one thing that may seem a bit tough for some people is the fact that as a foster parent, you will be returning the pet to the adoption center or to a new family at some point. Therefore, this is a great program for people who love animals, but are not in the situation to take one on full-time for decades to come.


Perhaps you are a cat person; perhaps you feel at ease taking care of a canine instead. Whatever the case may be, the adoption center works with you so that you are comfortable with the pet that is chosen to live with you. And if you have experience or skills in certain areas – like the medical industry – you can even be that savior the animal needs, who is not ready for adoption quite yet because of illness. Then, you as the pet foster parent not only bring your love to the animal, but you also bring your ability to help them get healthy and well.


There are many reasons why a specific animal needs a foster caregiver. Among those are; mothers with newborn litters, young kittens and puppies, and recovering, sick, or injured animals. Some animals just need attention from a foster caregiver – a person who can help them learn how to socialize with people or other animals so they can make entrance into a family and be the perfect pet for the ones who choose to adopt them. There are even those amazing animals who are basking in the last few years of their lives. They are growing old, but have every right to enjoy all the years they have left as free of pain and as cared for as humanly possible. This is fostering that becomes part hospice care for an animal, which takes a huge heart and an amazing soul to volunteer for.


In the end, it is the entire environment that matters. Yes, the ocean, air, and land need our help, but so do the creatures walking among us. By giving time to foster a pet, you are working with a community of people who want nothing more than to make every single life on this planet count!


Call your local shelter today.



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