The Giraffe


Ah…Circus Animals! The mighty lion is King; roaring loudly at the small dude, he wants nothing more than to grab that whip and chair and show the guy exactly who’s boss! The elephants are the lumbering giants who bring awe and cheers from the crowd. But, the giraffe is…under-appreciated. Not only must he ride across the country in that big circus train with his head through the roof, getting all kinds of mosquitoes stuck in his teeth, but he also has to bend WAY too far down just to get a drink of water.


From his glorious height the Big Top looks like nothing more than an ant farm; the elephants nothing more than creepy, hairless dogs. And as the little girl uses her bouquet of balloons to rise up and offer the giraffe a tasty dinner of…a twig, his confusion grows: “I’m tall NOT overweight!” The giraffe’s doe-eyes grow large, as he grumbles, “How I wish I had the lion’s teeth to pop those balloons and send that little one down into the pond beside the chick with the tail. Hmmm…talk about a weird-lookin fish!”


EMBRACE the giraffe, people! After all, he’s on an incredibly amazing list: Abe Lincoln, Godzilla, the entire NBA…


Statuesque RULES!  

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