TrekinGear States You Are ‘Free 2 B’ You!


TrekinGear States You Are ‘Free 2 B’ You!


Road Trekin Adventure & Travel is all the ‘buzz’ in the outdoor world. Offering everything from news to lifestyle reports to cultural Zion National Park Fil Stripand historical information, green updates, and the latest tour companies, ideal vacation spots, and organizations that are working to keep the Great Outdoors alive and well, this is a truly nature-enthusiastic ‘crew’ that wants to bring everyone into the world of exploration and fun!


People with all types of ‘loves’ are jumping on the proverbial bandwagon: Hikers, hunters, campers, photographers, kids and family – all of them love learning about work that can be done to help the natural world and have fun in it all at the same time. This is the theory at the very core of the Road Trekin heart and soul. Pirate ships searching for treasure; geysers shooting forth in Yellowstone – this company shouts from the rooftops (or, at the least, from very high buttes), that the U.S. of A. has some of the most intriguing, unique and captivating locations anywhere.


But when you talk about unique places…let’s face it, you need a unique wardrobe to go along with it. In other words, although you many need that hiking and mountain gear, perhaps even the guns and ammo for the whitetail season – you should never overlookYellowstone Moose Calves the ‘fun’ and entertainment of the sport you choose…which is exactly what TrekinGear provides. And whether you are out and about, or hanging from the side of a cliff-face pretending to be in a scene from ‘Mission Impossible’, or simply walking down the streets in your own hometown, these clothing ‘gems’ are must-haves.


The CIRCUS CITY U.S.A. line is but one that makes you feel ‘Free 2 B’ just who you are: a person lovin life and trekin the world! And this is the only line of t-shirts, by the way, that truly celebrates everyone from the statuesque (long-necked, in this case), to the full-figured gals and guys that literally are head of the ‘Big Top’ no matter who (you lazy lion, you) believes otherwise.


The scenes on the t-shirts are hysterical. When it comes to the ‘Giraffe’; “From his glorious height the Big Top looks like nothing more than an ant farm; the elephants nothing more than creepy, hairless dogs. And as a little girl uses her bouquet of balloons to rise up and offer the giraffe a tasty dinner of a twig…” well, you gotta see it to believe it!


Another? Well, when it comes to that ‘hairless dog’ that the giraffe must turn his eyes away from considering the glare of the lights on his gray, high-glossed skin… When the music begins, the elephant lumbers forward, twitching a bit, most likely trying to figure out why some sparkly-dressed woman is sitting on top of him. (How those sequins must have scratched!) And to discover what he did next, you have to see the t-shirt and learn all about the announcement he trumpeted to the crowd!


Yes, there are others – there is a lion born to make you laugh as well as a mermaid that, perhaps, will lead you back into a horror movie. (Oh, wait…that’s the clown). Anyway, the CIRCUS CITY U.S.A. t-shirts are the numero uno thing you need in your closet in order to get trekin in style!


If clowns creep you out (thanks a lot, Stephen King!), you can also wear the “Let’s Go!” apparel which will allow the horse to yell ‘giddy-up’ at your family – which is a nice change of pace for the horse. And when it comes to, say, a bit of ‘potty’ humor – ‘The Outhouse Spout’ of the Chamber Pot Brewing Company is but one of the unique and hysterical t-shirts they have up for grabs in order to finish off the perfect adventurers’ wardrobe. In addition, you will also learn that in Montana fences may certainly be for sheep and cows, but the good old Montana moose has no problem being ‘Free 2 B’ him at all times.


Wild RainbowsThe Great Outdoors was not meant for a suit and tie; nor, was it meant for high heels or gowns that were only meant for a ‘Real Housewife’ to look horrific in. These creative lines of apparel will have you laughing and applauding as you jump on board, raft, plane, train, automobile, even moose – and join up with Road Trekin Adventure & Travel to have an absolute ball!


Get Trekin on ordering your wardrobe ‘must-have’ today!  Trekin Gear “Free 2 B”






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