Vick Shoots For a Writing Career When NFL Ends

Vick Shoots For a Writing Career When NFL Ends

~ Amy Lignor


Yes, Michael Vick is a back-up QB. He is the Jets back-up QB which, to some NFL fans, means he’s non-existent. But it is a good thing, as we all know, to have a back-up career in mind when your NFL glory comes to an end. And with his recent remarks, it seems clear to quite a lot of football fans (as well as people who never watched football in their lives, they just know the name), that Vick has the creative imagination necessary to become a writer (perhaps, science fiction) one day.

Yes, this is an opinion piece. Yes, this can be screamed at or clapped for all over the internet. But even with all the other antics in the NFL (goodness knows, there are a ton of them), Vick’s comments about him “revolutionizing” the game of football literally had people falling off their couches in fits of laughter.

Liking yourself and being proud of yourself is a great thing. But humility is certainly not in Vick’s playbook. And as far as his mind can contemplate, when it comes to QB’s rushing on the gridiron, he “was the guy who started it all.” That was one of the funniest lines of them all.

Michael Vick set all kinds of records with the Atlanta Falcons. He also brought them to the playoffs. He was also selected to Pro Bowl after Pro Bowl – you know, the game that doesn’t actually matter when it comes to the ‘Big Game.’ And, as far as Super Bowl wins, Michael Vick definitely is wearing…oh, wait – no rings whatsoever. Something apparently the back-up QB of the Jets does not seem to remember.

Steve Young. Probably some have heard of this guy. A career QB rushing leader, the man was also able to – oh, yes – win the Super Bowl; which is, in the end, something that makes a legacy. In addition, Young is a winner of six passing titles; and in Super Bowl XXIX he threw a game-record six TD passes and led all rushers.

John Elway. Hard name to remember, right? The man who many understand as being the best when it came to end of game rush/pass thrills in history. One of the best winning percentages in league history, tied for second most Pro Bowl selections for a quarterback, and his four total rushing TD’s in his Super Bowl games are the most ever by a quarterback. Starting five Super Bowls, Elway has…yup, won some of those championship rings.

Vick states that he began the trend of running QB’s. Apparently, he did not have time to witness decades of QB’s running and, unlike Vick, taking their team to the Super Bowl and winning because of their talents and abilities.

This is not to put Vick down as far as his accomplishments are concerned. He is absolutely right that he is the all-time leading rusher as a quarterback in his 11 NFL seasons. And, perhaps, if not for dogfighting – and his apparent huge ego – he would have grabbed a Super Bowl ring along the way. But, I doubt it.

“The things I’ve done, I’ve pretty much surpassed myself and expectations…” Vick stated. Well, he certainly passed others’ expectations as being one of the most creative QB’s in the league. Unfortunately, that creativity did not bring the ring; nor, apparently, did it bring about a positive transformation in Vick.

Humility is necessary in a QB, but more importantly, in a person. And learning to be humble allows one to leave a legacy behind that they can truly be proud of! Again…something Vick has never brought to the table.

The legacy Vick has in the majority of minds at the moment has nothing to do with football. And come to think of it, as far as creative writing one day, Stephen King has nothing to worry about.


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